MOOSH Chunky Knit blankets are made from 100% unspun merino wool sliver.  Wool of this nature is deliciously soft but is also extremely delicate.  Because of this, every MOOSH blanket is lightly felted by hand in a way which maintains the softness and volume but helps with durability.


Wool is prone to pilling with use if mixed with other materials, please avoid mixing your product with cotton, velvet, linen or polyester on a regular basis as this will only encourage pilling.

From time to time you may need to remove pilling from the item, please do so carefully by hand by pinching the part that is pilled and pulling in the direction of the wool, then smooth the stitch with your fingers.

Your MOOSH product is suited as a decorative item rather than an item of hi-use.

Should you need to wash your item please do so with an accredited dry cleaner who can care for the item properly. Please notify them that it is un-spun merino wool.

Periodically giving the blanket a good shake and hanging on the line in the sunshine will keep the blanket fresh aswell as helping any deformed stitches.

Gently spot clean any stains immediately with cool water.

When looked after and cared for properly, these items can have long lifetimes but when care is neglected and usage is high it can have a wearing effect.  It is best you purchase the product with this in mind